Costs of Doing Business

Besides the exceptional taxes and enticing incentives, the area has abundant real estate, a competitive wage market and locally operated utilities which help keep the cost of doing business in Dickson County low.

Abundant Real Estate

Although Dickson County, Tennessee is a prime location for commerce, transportation and qualified workers, real estate is still reasonable and affordable. Whether you want to purchase outright or lease, there are a bevy of options to choose from to suit the needs of your business.

Smaller scale business can find ideal retail or office locations in high-traffic downtown areas or along main thoroughfares within the county. Contact the Economic Development Alliance directly for details on retail or small business locations.

Large scale industrial, manufacturing or shipping operations are able choose from existing buildings or develop their own custom facilities on available sites throughout the county. Click here for an interactive map with detailed descriptions of existing properties or sites ready for development.

Competitive Wages

With a cost of living more than 8% lower than nearby Nashville, the dollars of both employers and employees can go farther. Average wages for workers in Dickson County are nearly $19 an hour, which makes the area a prime location for new business development or relocating an existing business. A steady increase in wages across most industries helped the median household income in Dickson County grow by 19% since 2010. Thanks to the low cost of living in Dickson County, employers can offer competitive compensation to workers, while keeping labor costs in a range that also promotes profitable operations.

Hourly Wages in Dickson County by Occupation
Occupation type Mean Wage Median Wage
Management $49.12 $38.83
Business and Financial Operations $29.88 $26.90
Computer and Mathematical $34.35 $30.48
Architecture and Engineering $32.09 $29.80
Life, Physical, and Social Science $30.22 $29.51
Community and Social Service $21.45 $20.82
Legal $38.49 $27.38
Educational Instruction and Library $23.11 $22.79
Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media $21.54 $17.86
Healthcare Practitioners and Technical $34.75 $28.63
Healthcare Support $14.99 $13.77
Protective Service $22.09 $19.13
Food Preparation and Serving Related $12.15 $10.97
Building and Grounds Cleaning and Maintenance $13.92 $13.27
Personal Care and Service $14.41 $13.24
Sales and Related $17.29 $13.39
Office and Administrative Support $18.44 $17.38
Farming, Fishing, and Forestry $18.32 $14.65
Construction and Extraction $20.94 $18.86
Installation, Maintenance, and Repair $22.64 $21.00
Production Occupations $17.95 $17.08
Transportation and Material Moving $17.56 $15.74
Military Specific $18.39 $15.34

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2022


One major advantage of Dickson County is all public utilities are managed locally. From water and sewer to gas and electricity, the teams of our utility companies are working for their neighbors. Our reliable and affordable utilities work tirelessly to provide fresh water, clean gas and consistent electricity to Dickson County’s 56,283 residents and the thousands of businesses that drive our economy.

Dickson Electric System

236 Cowan Road
Dickson, TN 37055
Phone: (615) 446-9051

Greater Dickson Gas Authority

Phone: (615) 441-2830
Source: Company Tennessee Gas Pipeline
Fuel Oil Suppliers: 2
Suppliers of LP Gas: 3

Water Authority of Dickson Co.

Phone: (615) 441-4188

Source(s): Turnbull Creek, Piney River, Cumberland
Capacity: 11,200,000 GPD
Current Consumption: 4,500,000 GPD
Storage Capacity: 8,000,000 Gallons

Type of Treatment: Activated Sludge
Capacity: 4,000,000 GPD
Current Usage: 3,500,000 GPD
City Sewer Coverage: 86%
Storm Sewer Coverage: 65%
Solid Waste Disposal Type: County Landfill